Day 86 - June 21, 2003 - Heating pipes 2

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I have made some progress (using Jim Quinn's heavy duty hammer drill) in breaking up the large granite stone that was removed to provide access to the crawl space under the addition.

This progress came at the expense of ruining two drills. The tungsten bits in the upper one were melted and the tungston in the lower one was chipped. These drills are probably designed for concrete, not granite.

First meal (breakfast) on the new porch.

Joey the plumber is here to finish up to heat installation.

Running the pressure test - on the heating tubes in the floor.

Joey lights up with a hugh SEG when the pressure test passes - meaning that no nails inadvertenly pierced the tubing.

Joey ready to install the kick space heater. A two zone thermostat will be used with the kick heater engaged only if the radiant heat can't keep the room up to temperature. Thus the kick space heater will come on only on the coldest days, if at all.

Kick space heater in place.

Kick space heater installed. A nice cherry grill plate will be put in front of it to provide a nice look.

Final heat installation. Green circulator in the center is for the radiant pipe loops in the floor. Circulator on left is for the kick space heater loop. The old garage circulator is used to pump the main loop and the old garage circuit pipes from the basement to the garage have been cut off. We now need control wiring and opening the water floor to make the heating system work.

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