Day 66 - May 27, 2003 - Granite counters

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Espresso bar counter

Espresso bar sink area. Center hole is for bar faucet. Left hole is for hot/cold water dispenser.

Wrap-around counter overview.

North wall counter overview.

Countertop pattern detail.

Main sink area will have a center faucet with a pull-out spray unit.

Overview - note white panels have veen added to fridge to complete the fridge installation. The old fridge is now ready to be given away.

Mike has reversed the dining room door to open into the addition.

View of storage cabinet through reversed dining room door.

The seam on the wrap-around counter is a nearly perfect match.

Another view of the espresso bar counter.

Another view of wrap-around counter.

Another view of peninsula/sink area.

View of peninsula area.

Seam between cooktop area and sink area.

Seam between sink area and peninsula area.

Another view of espresso bar counter.

Cooktop (not yet functional) and oven (now functional)

Cooking area overview.

Cooking area counter - end view.

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