Day 56 - May 6, 2003 - Cabinets continued

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Jack cuts an access panel in the bottom of the wet bar unit for later installation of a kick space heater.

Installing the range unit.

Overview of the work space.

Cutting the bead trim on the mitre saw.

Trimming the bottom of the south wall unit.

The large storage unit.

The wrap-around cabinet.

Installing the desk unit.

The south wall unit is completely installed.

The peninsula unit is the last base unit to be installed.

Adding a bead trim to the top cove molding.

Filling the nail holes with cherry colored putty.

Installing the bulletin board on the outside of the refrigerator well.

Overview looking east.

View looking to the north wall from the addition.

The wet bar and storage unit in the addition.

The finished wrap-around cabinet.

The sink unit and peninsula unit.

The desk area.

View of finished cabinets looking towards the addition and south wall.

Detail showing pull-out trays and full-extension drawer

Detail showing inset doors, brass knobs and brass hinge.

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