Day 50 - Apr 24, 2003 - Heating tubes

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Joe pounding heating tube into quik-trak grooves after plying grooves with silicone adhesive

Laundry room light/vent is now vented to the outside

Outside vent location

Heating tubes installed. Hardwood floor will be installed with great care not to have nails puncture any tubes.

Detail of heating tubes showing some feeds and returns

All heating tubes routed to the basement.

Heating tubes entering the basement

Diagonal chaseway (my invention) will be used to route water feed to and drain from hard-plumbed espresso machine on wet bar counter from water feed under sink and to drain under sink, respectively. Pipes are routed in wall via the chaseway through a hole in wall, just above counter to a hole in the wall under the sink, so no hole through the granite counter is needed. The two screws sticking out mark the center of the holes to be drilled in the wallboard.

The two thick tubes are for a kick-space heater to be installed under the leftmost cabinet. Heat flow calculations indicate this might be needed on the coldest days.

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